fcsaWE CONTRACT provide a fresh new approach to Commercial Contracting. We aim to be the most efficient and effective employment intermediary in the market, making compliance a by-product of an outstanding service and improving the transparency of the contracting chain right up to the end client.

We are proud to be a fully accredited member of the FCSA having had our internal processes and procedures reviewed and accredited by FCSA independent assessors. Our approach means we give the highest regard to our customer care ensuring ALL of our contractors are paid on time, every time!

If you are an independent contractor or if you are working on site through a recruitment agency, then we will have a solution for you.

As one of our contractors you will be able to utilise the appropriate contracting solution depending on the circumstances surrounding your assignment. The solutions are PAYE Umbrella, Freelance, CIS or Limited Company. We will happily talk you through each solution and help you decide which solution best suits your contracting situation.

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For a flat weekly margin we will take care of your payroll and other administration, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the work that really matters.

Once you’ve signed up you effectively become an employee of WE CONTRACT. You will have an employment contract and benefit from all of the same employment rights as other permanent employees. You will be able to carry out multiple short-term contracts with less overall risk.

We will take care of all the necessary financial administration so you can concentrate on what's really important. All you need to do each week is submit your hours and we'll make sure you receive everything that you're entitled to.

We make sure that our employees (contractors employed by ourselves) are fully compliant at every stage of the process. We work within the tax system rules, helping you claim all of the allowable expenses that you’re entitled to.

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WE CONTRACT is our Umbrella solution for contractors who would like to remain as employees and who are working on short term assignments for less than 24 months. WE CONTRACT ensure that the correct taxation levels are deducted from each payment in accordance with the rules and regulations laid out by HM Revenue & Customs.

An Umbrella company such as WE CONTRACT is a company that employs Contractors who work under fixed term contract assignments. The assignments are usually completed through a recruitment agency, although the use of a recruitment agency is not always necessary. Instead of being paid PAYE by a client or recruitment agency you would become an employee of WE CONTRACT. Under the umbrella structure you are entitled to claim tax relief on work related expenses which in turn will increase your take home pay.



We are a contracting solution designed for genuine self-employed subcontractors working in the construction industry, who have already registered, or are eligible to register, for CIS Status with HM Revenue & Customs. We sub-contract you and your services out to recruitment agencies and clients. This way you have the flexibility to choose agency work whilst keeping your self-employed status.

Once you have completed our easy online registration form we will contact HM Revenue & Customs to verify the level of tax that will be deducted depending on your set-up with HMRC. As well as this we will complete all the statutory CIS returns and forward them to HM Revenue & Customs.


Limited Company

A solution for genuine Self Employed subcontractors working outside of the construction industry.

We understand that self-employed subcontractors are responsible for their own business and want to decide what work to complete and when. Our solution outsources accountants that specialise in supporting Personal Service Company's for contractors, to help with your invoicing and offer advice should you ever need any assistance.

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